After Openwave, John would go on to start Sonos, the wireless speaker company.
At Openwave, Kevin worked closely with Thomas Reardon. Things came full circle when Reardon started Ctrl Labs in 2017, and Kevin became his first investor. In 2019, Ctrl Labs sold to Facebook.
During his six years at Twitter, Kevin saw the service evolve from a social networking toy to changing the future of media.
“To me, there’s a simple formula for venture capital: be curious, hustle, be a good human, and invest in great companies. If you invest in great companies, you’ll get to invest in more great companies. There’s no other secret.”
Kevin knew he had to invest in Mirror after the first time he tried the product. “I remember running out of the pitch meeting to catch Brynn before she got on the elevator. I couldn’t let her leave without making an offer.”

Jess Pellegrini

Partner, Investor Relations

Jess Pellegrini joined Spark Capital in 2023 as a Partner in Investor Relations. Before joining Spark, Jess was a Managing Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at Third Point where she helped launch the firm’s inaugural venture fund. Prior to that, Jess was the Head of Investor Relations at Engle Capital, an equity long/short hedge fund, which she joined shortly after launch to spearhead the firm’s investor relations effort. Jess spent the early part of her career in Prime Services at Lehman Brothers and Barclays, where she grew and managed relationships with the banks’ largest hedge fund clients.

Jess believes client partnerships are a two-way street. She looks forward to building trust over time with Spark’s partners, learning from them, and being an advocate for their needs. Spark has the privilege of investing in amazing companies and founders, and Jess appreciates the opportunity to share their stories.

Jess earned a BA in Sociology and Government from Harvard, where she was a member of the Women’s Ice Hockey team. Originally from Wisconsin, Jess lives in Boston with her husband and three children.

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