After Openwave, John would go on to start Sonos, the wireless speaker company.
At Openwave, Kevin worked closely with Thomas Reardon. Things came full circle when Reardon started Ctrl Labs in 2017, and Kevin became his first investor. In 2019, Ctrl Labs sold to Facebook.
During his six years at Twitter, Kevin saw the service evolve from a social networking toy to changing the future of media.
“To me, there’s a simple formula for venture capital: be curious, hustle, be a good human, and invest in great companies. If you invest in great companies, you’ll get to invest in more great companies. There’s no other secret.”
Kevin knew he had to invest in Mirror after the first time he tried the product. “I remember running out of the pitch meeting to catch Brynn before she got on the elevator. I couldn’t let her leave without making an offer.”

Fraser Kelton

General Partner, Early

Fraser Kelton believes that the future is built by founders who have the audacity and ambition, talent, and taste to take a fragile idea and turn it into a profound product. Great products create new markets on their way to changing the world.

Fraser has spent his career working alongside talented engineers and researchers to create new products, new companies, and new markets. Most recently, as Head of Product at OpenAI, Fraser wrote the organization’s first product roadmap and led the product development teams that launched ChatGPT and DALL-E. Prior to OpenAI, Fraser was CEO and co-founder of an AI startup that was acquired by Airbnb in 2018.

Having been a founder, Fraser understands what makes a good partner to entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of a startup. He’s motivated by supporting builders who are iterating through ambiguity to deliver products that customers love. “Developers are the most creative artists of our generation,” he says, “and I want to support those building the most ambitious, beautiful future.”

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