Outside of work, Brian loves taking photos around Oakland. He currently shoots with his iPhone, a Yashica T4, and a Fujifilm GA645i.
“One of my favorite projects was leading the VSCO community product where people could connect over photography while being free from follower counts, comments, and ads.”
Brian's team developed technology to make Memoji more inclusive, including new hairstyles and headwear options, like waves and durags, more age controls, and even added face coverings.
“The next generation of transformational technology companies will be helmed by founders with unique and fresh perspectives, many of whom will be from underrepresented backgrounds. I want to support those founders and help them take their businesses to the next level.”

Brian Watson

Entrepreneur in Residence

Brian Watson views technology as a vehicle for creativity. It can help to inspire, enable, and execute a founder’s most ambitious ideas. “Humans have a fundamental desire to express themselves,” he says. “Technology can provide the tools and framework for them to do it more effectively.” 

While growing up in Florida, Brian cultivated a love of media and technology. After studying engineering management systems at Columbia University, he applied those passions as an analyst at Union Square Ventures where he worked with teams building the cutting edge of internet culture. “I began to hone in on companies that were helping to empower people to create,” he says. In 2014, Brian left USV to lead product and partnerships at the photo taking app VSCO. Most recently he was a product manager at Apple where he quickly rose through the ranks to oversee the evolution and scaling of some of the company’s most-used products including the Camera app, Photos, iMessage and Memoji

Brian’s deep experience with leading consumer product development makes him a natural collaborator for early stage companies looking to mature their ideas into impactful products. As an investor at Spark, he’s excited to rewrite the rules around venture and who gets to build the next generation of technology. “I view my role as a curator more than anything,” he says. “I want to be a facilitator of ideas and help people connect to others.”

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