About Nabeel

Nabeel is a General Partner at Spark Capital, focusing on early-stage investments.

Nabeel led the Series A, and was the sole outside board member, at Cruise Automation which was acquired by General Motors for over $1b. He also led Spark's early investment in Postmates and has served on the board since.

He serves on the board of Capella Space, DiscordHarmonix, Instawork, ParticleProletariat, Postmates, RDMD,  Smash.ggSonder, and Zum.

He seeks out entrepreneurs who develop that rare combination of design and technology to transform markets. He looks for products in which the underlying technology can be complex, but are presented as a simple, magical experience to the people who use them. That includes consumer online-offline marketplaces like Sonder, next generation communities like Discord, and frontier technology like Capella Space.

Nabeel began his career as a four time serial entrepreneur, serving variously as founder, CEO, or head of product at a variety of startups, including MIT Media Lab spin-out Ambient Devices (pioneering IoT consumer electronics), Teamtalk (global sports media company, IPO'd in 2001), and Conduit Labs (one of the first social gaming companies, acquired by Zynga).

Nabeel received a B.A. in Design from Maryland Institute, College of Art, and studied Computer Science at Purdue University. He lives in Berkeley, California with his wife and two boys.