Jeremy Philips

General Partner, Growth

Jeremy found his way to technology in the mid-1990s when the commercial internet was emerging. Soon after graduating from law school in Australia, he co-founded ecorp to build and operate a collection of leading technology businesses. In his late twenties, Jeremy left Sydney after ecorp’s IPO for his current home of New York City. He joined News Corp to focus on digital strategy and acquisitions as executive vice president in the office of the chairman, before leaving after six years to run Photon, a publicly-traded holding company.

In 2014, Jeremy joined Spark to build the firm’s growth fund, where he leads a small team of investors who equally enjoy the journey of finding exceptional founders and products and uncovering the nuances in the data. Drawing on his experience as a founder, he’s cognizant of the need to genuinely understand the entrepreneur’s mindset, rather than always peering through an investor’s abstract prism.

Outside of Spark, Jeremy appreciates the theoretical, too. For several years, he has been an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, where he enjoys debating strategy with his students.

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“The numbers make the story more vivid; they’re not an alternate plot-line. Whenever there appears to be a contradiction, closer investigation exposes which premise is wrong.”