Fraser Kelton

General Partner, Early

As a founder-turned-investor, Fraser is familiar with how hard it is to build something profound. It takes founders with ambition, talent, and taste to turn an idea into a product that can change the world. “They have to work through exceptional amounts of ambiguity,” he says. “But great products, built by small teams, have consistently driven society forward.”

‍Fraser has spent his career working alongside talented engineers and researchers. Most recently, he was Head of Product at OpenAI, where he wrote the organization’s first product roadmaps and led the product development teams that launched ChatGPT and DALL-E. Prior to OpenAI, Fraser was CEO and co-founder of an AI startup that Airbnb acquired in 2018.

‍Now as a General Partner at Spark, Fraser brings the unique perspective of someone who has developed products at companies of all sizes. He understands the challenges of starting a company, and how a strong founder-investor relationship can help a team do what they do best: create technology that people love. “My job is to find the most talented technical founders who believe they can change the world,” he says. “And then patiently support them as they do.”

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Fraser incorporated his startup the same week his first child was born.

"There are maybe three material decisions that matter to a startup per year. I want to help founders navigate those moments while still being there for however else they need—or don't need—me."