How do you get an enterprise product to hyper growth with millions of paying customers with little to no enterprise sales force? It turns out you do this the same way you would drive adoption of a consumer product: building an incredible experience for users that grows from the bottom of the organization up.

Slack has built the category defining product in corporate communications, exactly the kind of company Spark wants to get involved with regardless of stage.

"Human beings are still in the very early stages of learning about how we communicate and connect electronically. To use the analogy of electricity adoption, we’re in 1905 territory here. It may take generations, hundreds of years, for the applications of electronic communications to unfold. But it’s clear that the connections between people and the ways they work together are going to be increasingly important to the success of companies. "

— Stewart Butterfield, the CEO of Slack

Spark partnered with Slack through Spark Growth in 2015. Slack completed their initial public offering in April, 2019.