The community as co-creator

"Everyone wants to be healthy. The key is eliminating all of the excuses that present themselves like “I don’t have time.” Well, if you make it easy to workout at home then you can eliminate the travel part of that excuse. Or: “I don’t have enough space for the equipment.” Make a beautiful product that looks good in any room and doesn’t require a lot of space. Also: “I get bored of the same exercise routine.” Don’t make a bet on one type of exercise, by creating a platform that can handle the most popular studio classes plus whatever the next great workout trend will be.

After eliminating all of the excuses, making fitness interactive, personalized and fun is what separates Mirror. It tracks all of your activity, offers you live and on-demand classes, but since it has a built-in camera, it can even give you 1–1 instruction with real-time feedback. This is next level personal training."

- Kevin Thau, Spark

Spark partnered with Mirror in 2018,
leading their Series A and Series B rounds.
In June, 2020 they were acquired by Lululemon for $500m.