The race to bringing self-driving cars to the world.

At a time when self-driving was supposed to be the arena of big companies like Google, Kyle Vogt and Daniel Kan believed in the speed that their start-up could bring to a market not developing fast enough.

You've have to be a little crazy to try to take on the massive R&D budgets of big companies for something that was still not even possible yet, thankfully amazing founders sometimes find a way bend the future in their direction anyway.

We developed a relationship with Kyle and Dan for months prior to them raising their Series A. They painted a picture of a world where autonomous vehicles came out of corporate R&D and actually onto the road—and had the demos to back it up. It was clear we wanted to play a part in that vision and led their Series A in September of 2015.

On March 11, 2016, General Motors announced it acquired Cruise for over $1 billion. Cruise now employs thousands as they continue to push the forefront of autonomous driving.