General Partner

Nabeel is a former founder and now General Partner at Spark Capital. He makes early stage investments in entrepreneurs using that rare combination of design and technology to transform markets. He is currently on the board of Spark Capital’s investments in Capella SpaceCruise (acquired by General Motors), DiscordFigHarmonix, Postmates, ProletariatDIY, Sonder and Thalmic Labs.

He looks for products in which the underlying technology or systems can be extremely complex, but are presented as a simple, magical experience to the people who use them.

Cruise, for example, is tackling deep technical challenges in computer vision and perception to bring an elegant solution to self-driving cars. Postmates has a seemingly humble first offering—it brings you dinner in under an hour via a push-button simple mobile app—but by finally solving the complicated operations of last mile delivery it upends all of urban logistics.

Nabeel was previously cofounder and CEO of Conduit Labs, which was sold to Zynga in 2010, where he then became General Manager up through the IPO. Prior to that he was variously cofounder, head of product, and CEO at a variety of hardware and software companies including MIT Media Lab spin-out Ambient Devices, Teamtalk (BSkyB), and Interphase.

Nabeel received a B.A. in Design from Maryland Institute, College of Art, studied Computer Science at Purdue University and now lives in Berkeley, California.