General Partner

Bijan primarily invests in digital canvases and online communities for people at work and at play. He typically invests in startups after becoming a passionate user of the product. In particular, he looks for new approaches to building communities through the sharing of ideas and interests. Bijan led early investments for Spark in Trello (acquired by Atlassian), Stack ExchangeCrowdrise, Foursquare, OMGPOP (acquired by Zynga), thePlatform (acquired by Comcast), Runkeeper (acquired by Asics), Tumblr (acquired by Yahoo) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

Before becoming an investor, Bijan led product management and/or business development at GameLogic (acquired by Scientific Games), Moxi Digital (acquired by Digeo) and WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft Corporation).

Bijan holds a B.S. degree from Boston College. He lives in Boston with his wife and three kids and is a passionate amateur photographer.