General Partner

Andrew Parker is a General Partner at Spark Capital and joined the firm in 2010. He focuses on early-stage investing through the lens of a recovering product designer and engineer. He is an avid early-adopter of internet technology and loves being an alpha tester for new products. Web services thrive when they have a clear value proposition for the end-user through delightful product design, and Andrew’s combination of professional and academic background in product design helps him find this value. He is particularly excited about working with founders who have rare instincts around product design and are building startups with built-in network effects and passionate communities. Andrew serves on the Board of eShares, Panjo, Panorama Education, Socratic, Timehop, Quantopian, Upworthy, and Splash, and he is a Board Observer on Kik.

Prior to Spark Capital, Andrew was a member of the investment team at Union Square Ventures starting in 2006. Andrew was an Associate and the role was effectively an apprenticeship in VC.

Before becoming an investor, Andrew did UI design and user-experience testing at Homestead Technologies and was a web developer at