More than just selling goods online, it’s a new way to build a brand from the community up.


Balancing design and tech with a maniacal focus on the end user often leads to amazing consumer product experiences.


A new category has emerged in finance. Young companies are using technology to take on incumbents who have been too slow to respond to today's customer needs and innovate.


As Oculus and Cruise have shown, sometimes creating the platforms of the future require innovating on bits and atoms.


We’ve had some pretty special founders come through our doors who were able to see a marketplace where none existed before.


From day one, Spark was founded to invest at the intersection of media and technology. We continue to seek out the next generation of companies that will continue to redefine this category.

Software & Services

There’s something happening in the enterprise. It turns out the same people who love consumer products, want to love the products they use at work too. Companies like Slack and Trello have delighted their users and made work better in the process.